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We moved into our current house in Winter of 2018. Within a few months, I started photographing the crows that were always hanging about in our neighborhood. Initially I was doing this just to practice the skills needed for bird in flight photography but as I learned to recognize the individual crows I got interested in them as subjects.

These are urban crows, the city is their home as much as it is my home, more in a lot of ways. They are inquisitive, wary, friendly, cantankerous, combative, territorial, bold, gentle, caring, murderous, troublesome, and fearless. They're great subjects.


And they work for peanuts! Which you'll see in a lot of the pictures.

It's been three years now and I've taken thousands of images of the crows. I continue to be amazed by their intelligence, creativity, and adaptability.

I hope you enjoy this gallery of my favorite images of my feathered neighbors.

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