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Covid Signs

Initially I wanted to document the variety of signs that local business owners have put up on their store fronts to communicate with their customers as a result of the state mandated shutdowns and imposed controls on operating hours and capacities during the SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, pandemic.

As I began working on this project I realized that there are many less literal Covid Signs as well.  Closed streets with public seating for restaurants, empty parking spaces in the normally vibrant retail core of the city, closed store fronts with leasing information in the windows, and wide spread renovation work are a few examples. So, I expanded my conception of the subject to include these sorts of things too.

So far all of the pictures were taken In Bellingham, Washington while Whatcom county is in the Phase 2 lockdown that has extended through most of the summer and into the fall of 2020. A few were taken on the campus of Western Washington University at the end of the first week of Fall quarter.


For now, I've ordered the images so they show the most recently taken image first. If you click on an image a larger gallery view will open. You can make that full screen which makes most of the signs large enough to read. I've tried to always get the text of the signs in focus if it was at all possible to do.

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